Q: Where do you get your wood?

A: All over the place! A large amount of our wood is sourced here in Washington State, and we use various exotics aswell.


Q: Is all of your material repurposed and upcycled?

A: Let’s just say we don’t believe in “scrap”.


Q: Where can I see your work in person?

A: Keep an eye on our calendar for shows that we are vending, and be sure to check out our retailer page for store locations and information.


Q: What type of metal do you use for your ear wires?

A: Silver, Gold, and Copper. All wires used are 100% Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium free.


Q: Where do you get your stone?

A: Our stones come from our good friends at Blue Candy Mining.


Q: Do you ever do custom orders?

A: Sure! If you have an idea for jewelry that you’d like head on over to our contact page and shoot us an email with “Custom Order” in the subject line and a brief description of what you’d like.


Q: If I want to buy a loved one something but am not sure what they would like what should i do?

A: No problem at all, you can buy them a giftcard and send it in an email. Let them make their own gift choice worry free.


Q: Are your products organic, vegan, free range, GMO and gluten free?

A: Yes they are. Kosher too, which is cool.


Q: Whats the best way to contact you?

A: Email is our preferred form of communication for orders, inquiries, and any questions not listed here. Our email and phone can be found on our about  page.